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Friday, 12 July 2013

SharePoint in a 3 Tier farm


Quick Steps for SharePoint in a 3 Tier farm.

Install your Application Server.
i Skip Application Wizard and configure it manually.
Install at least PU March 2013 according to this post: (If there are a SP1 out it will probably be diffrent)
Configure Service Applications Manually
Start and Stop Services (Here i have started some but still looking for a list of what should be started and stopped.

Now i installed the SP2013 WFE server.
Tried to add it to the farm i kept on getting this error:

"failed to connect to the existing server farm located at the specified database server and database name. The Database name is not a valid configuration database"

i Forgot to install PU March 2013 on the WFE...
After installing this it excepted it and asked for the passphase.

Now, to decide which services should be running on which server...

i Cant find much on the net regarding SharePoint 2013...Here is what mine looks like...Please make comments if you dont agree with anything

Application Server: (Image Updated 2014/06/12)

fyi: User Profile is still "Starting in the image and should also be on Started, i needs a little configuration before you can get it started...

Web Front End: (Image Updated 2014/06/12)

Other Items that needs to be configured...(This list wil probably grow over time...)
Incoming mail(If required)
Outgoing mail
User Profile Sync
Secure Service Store

Here is a handy doc for setting up SharePoint in a 3 Tier farm

update: 2014-03-20
Just found this...also very handy piece on what must be started where (SharePoint 2013)

Updated 2014-09-23
Needed this but more for SharePoint 2010, 2 nice blogs:

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