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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Set up drop of library


Realised everything here does not 100% sense..will be looking at this and filling in the blanks in the near future.

Here is how to setup a drop-off Library:

Activate Content Organizer under site settings

Goto Site settings and goto Content Types
Create a new Content Type

Custom Content Type
Add New Site Columns for Custom Content Type
         FYI: If you send to different site there is a check box under content organiser settings

Now you have to add Columns to the content type

In my case i pointed to Managed meta data with Sister company names as a managed metadata field.
The plan is that once you upload a doc it gets routed to the correct company folder.

Go to Site Settings.
Get Web Service URL at bottom of Content organiser settings.

Go to Central Admin, select General Application Settings
Select "Configure Send to Connector"
Select your web Application and create a new connection
Under Send to Url paste the url you copied from Content Organiser settings

Create Target libraries where the files must be sent to.

Open SharePoint designer and connect to your libraries, Drop off and destination libraries.
Make sure Allow Management of Content Types is checked in each.

Then click on Add and select content type

For Destination Document libraries do the same in Designer.

You are done with designer.

Go to Site settings on Site Collection
Click on "Content Organizer Rules"
Give it a name which ref the destination location for this file
Create Content Organiser Rules
Set Priority on 1 highest
Select Custom Content type
and type select you content type
Under Conditions select your Content Type
"Operator" is equal to and select the skill you are creating a rule for (SharePoint)
Now select the SharePoint skill set library
(Do for each folder you created)

fyi: make sure you have content type on target and library before you add it above

Go to drop of lib settings - info management policy settings
here you can add retention policies

This video was pretty helpfull

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