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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Load testing SharePoint with Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate


Here is how to load test your SharePoint Farm.
You need Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate with Update 1. i Have got update 3.

In Visual Studio go to test and "Web Performance and Load Test Project"

Enable 3rd party browser extensions under advanced settings if blocked
You it is grayed out you can change it in the registry but after every gpupdate/reboot you will need to enable it again.

Now you need to create a recording.
Click on record

Here can be a few issues, especially if you run on Windows 8.1
When i click in the recording it opens my browser but not the Recording Snap-in on the side.
Workaround that works for me, in IE go to tools,  Manage Add-ons.
Disable and re-enable "Web Test Recorder 10.0"

Once you enable it the Recorder should open in the left on your browser.

Now simulate what you want to test and it will be recorded in the recorder.
So open your site and do your thing. (FYI: One thing im n not clear on is how it handles uploading files and duplicate files names and stuff like that.)

Once you are Done click on Stop Recording. Here you might get a error:

Work around in this is just close your browser and click stop on Visual Studio.
Now you should have this:

Next you want to add the Load Test.
On the right click on your c# project and add a load test.

This will open up a wizard, complete the wizard and load your recorded test under test Mix.

Now you are ready to run your test.
You can right click on The project ad select "Run Load test"


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