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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Nintex 2013: Conditional start is not working on a Document Library

Had this issue where a document workflow does not want to start when the document is edited and there is a conditional start in play.

Got this in the ULS logs:
Error processing item updated event.: System.ArgumentException: New instances of this workflow template are currently disallowed.

We renamed the Nintex workflow a while ago and that changes the workflow with the old name to unpublished.

Delete the workflow with the old name from "Unpublished", this fixed the error for me.


  1. Hey Danies, I tried doing this. But did not help. The workflow fails to start on Conditions start. So I added another alternative. I checked the same conditions in the action Loop. This triggrs the workflow but keeps it in a pause state.

  2. Hey Danie,
    I tried this once more. deleteing just one unpublished workflow or the one with same name doesn't help. All unpublished ones should be deleted. that helped..

    Thanks a ton. This issue was pending for more than a month and alternatives were found. like I mentioned in the earlier comment.

    You saved my day. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Akalpita, have not worked on Nintex in quite a while.
    Anything in the ULS Logs?