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Monday, 1 June 2015

SharePoint and Special Characters

Ok, this some of these issues I always know the basics but there come a time that I need to delve into the details...

As all of you time is always an issue so I expect to have a few edits on this topic...
The clients I consult to is mostly on SP2010 at the moment so that is what im basing my research on...SP2013 with Fast search might be similar.

At the time of this pose SP2016 announcements are coming out and apparently documents will have some kind of id, so you can move it around without breaking links....Lets hope they use this ID in the URL to get rid of some of the issues with log file names.

SharePoint Foundation is different to the other versions.

Good read:

Bottom Line:
What should I use in my SharePoint File Name:
Underscore "_"
What Should I Not use in my file names:
Hyphen "-" (Can cause other issues, see Susans Post below for details)
Do not Smush words together without separator. (Search wont recognise the words)
Then there is a bunch that is not allowed (They will be blocked by SharePoint)

All I need for now...This topic seems to have allot of opinions....Susans post above had the best detail I could find in the topic so for now I am going with her recommendation.

Cheers for now

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