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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

SP2010: Save Site as Template and Import when you have SharePoint Server Publishing Enabled

Here is how to save a site as a template and how to import it.

Go to your site, Site settings.
Under site Actions if you are luck there would be a Save Site as Template.

If not first do the following:
Are you a Admin? If not become one.
Are your SharePoint Server Publishing enabled? If this is enabled you wont see the Save as template feature.
Add this "“_layouts/savetmpl.aspx”"to the end of your url to go to the "Save as Template" directly (Thanks for pointing this out Jacob)

So now however you got there you should be in save as template.

Fill in the details and decide if you want to include content.

If you ever want to recall your template and delete it you will find it under Site Setting -> Solutions

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