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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

SharePoint CU Updates, should i install them?

This looks like quite a controversial issue?

i Saw a best practice from Microsoft in 2008 where they say only install it if it fixes a issue you are experiencing.

That seems to have change over the years...Some people say install them and some say don't...

i Am still in the process of reading up and doing some research but post your comments if you have some!

Ok, the approach im going to take is not to install the CU updates.
If it will resolve a specific issue then it can be tested on Dev and QA.

However, you will need to install SP2010 SP1. There was issues with SP1 and for this reason i will install either June 2011 CU but then in that case why not go for a newer SP...December 2012 CU was recommended and think i will go for that...

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