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Thursday, 8 November 2012

SP2010: Scanners not Scanning to Drop Of Library

The idea of this blog is to share the SharePoint issues i have. 

So let’s start with my issue today...

At a client who uses HP scanners (HP ScanJet N9120) to scan to a Drop of Library via the HP Smart Scan Software.
Using the HP software you get the error "Internal Server Error" in a message box with the name "SharePoint Link" 

This happens with a scanner user. Using the admin/Install user it works...
So must be a rights issue... I Guess

Given the Scanner user the farm admin rights, and every right I can find and no luck...


Resource throttling. Showed up in the uls logs. Should have looked in there much sooner.
Set the resource throttling to 10.

Dont change this if you dont need to. This is there for a reason.

More details: 

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