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Thursday, 7 March 2013

SP2010 & 2013: Configuring Search in SharePoint 2010 and 2013


This is pretty simple to do. Create a SharePoint Search Service Application.

Go to Central Admin and from there open Service Applications

Here You want to make sure you are using the correct account and register it as a managed account.

These two users are quite common: SP_Search or SP_Crawl. Add this user to your WSS_WPG group on the local server.

Next you need to choose App Pools. If you have limited resources available you can use one app pool but for production different app pools is probably recommended.
Search Admin Web Service:

Search App Pool for Search query and site settings:

Now click on OK.

This will run for a while and then give you a successful message.
After this  you will have a Search Service Application.

Here is a error im getting at this moment...Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.Services.Seeding
Dont have a solution yet. This happens as soon as you create the Search Service Application, if you delete it your Search App your backup runs with no problems. Error is only on search components.

Now click on the search service application, Content Sources ten o Local SharePoint Sites.
Configure your search crawls.
Depending on solution but i usually set incremental crawl from 5min to 24 hours and then Full Crawl you run the first time and then maybe schedule it again once a month just to be sure incremental did not miss anything. Some people say you only need to run full crawl once.

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