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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

SP2013 - Backups Failing on Search Service Application


Lately everywhere i go Backups are failing... SP2010 and SP2013.

This error is not resolved, i got the cause but no solution...Before you read everything first have a read at the bottom.

The error:
Last failure message: Microsoft.Ceres.SearchCore.Seeding.SnapshotTransferException: Could not send chunk ms\%default\gen.000000000000090c.state

No Crawls was configured yet so configured it(Incremental every 2 hours), ran a full crawl but lo luck.

Now i deleted the search service application and running a backup again. 
And the backup completes with no issues...

Ok, recreating the Search Service Application.
The domain access account i am using this time is the farm account. 
Ok, error is back.
To be continued...

Ok, i did some research regarding SharePoint backups and i am changing the way i do it...
DB's im backing up with either: SQL Server, DPM, Backup Exec (or what ever you use for your backups.

Then SharePoint backup are starting to give me issues. It seems that if farm get bigger SharePoint does not always do the job. So i am backing up the configuration only on SharePoint. You can restore this and then attach your databases.

So sorry, if you need to fix the issue above it was not solved this time but backup strategy adapted.

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