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Thursday, 15 August 2013

SP2010: After Exporting and Importing Meeting Work Spaces the destination site is unresponsive wen clicking on dates


i Am busy moving sites to it's own content DB's and ran into a issue...

There are plenty of meeting Work Spaces in their environment and after the data is imported you click on the different dates and the destination site is unresponsive.

Used to import:
"Import-SPWeb -Identity "" -Path ":\Path\TechnicalServicesES.cmp" -IncludeUserSecurity -UpdateVersions Overwrite"

After re-linking most of the calendar entries with the sites someone suggested i change the master page.

So do the following:

Open Site in SharePoint designer.
Go to master pages.
Right click on MWSDefaultv4.master and select "Set as Default Master page"
Then right click again and select "Set as Custom Master Page"

And there i save myself allot of time!!
Thanks to Rushabh Amin for pointing this out to me on the Technet Forums!

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