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Monday, 12 August 2013

SP2013: Save Site as Template on a Publishing Site

With meeting work-spaces on the way out i need to add a meeting work-space that was created by a client to the site templates...It has Publishing enabled that requires a little workaround in SharePoint 2013.

Here is how to do it.
Get SharePoint Designer and connect to your site.

Go to site options:

Find SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled and change to true and click ok.

Go to your site and add the following after the site

So it would be

And there you have it. Save it as a template.
Now you fill in the options in the Save as template and then you will be given a link to the gallery where it is saved.
You can click on your file and save it to your PC if you want to upload it on another site collection.
For this site collection it will be available as a template.

To upload on another site collection go the the site settings and open Solutions.
Here you can upload the file on your desktop.
Activate the solution and then it will be under your templates when you create a new site.

So, you can simply go to All Site Contents and then at the bottom there will be a "New Subsite"
Under the templates choose the Custom option and your solution should be there...

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