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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

SP2010: IE 10 and SharePoint does not respond

i Have had this for ages and always just changed the compatibility mode but eventually took the time to find a solution...

Sometime you click on a button or trying to save an item and nothing happens....You press F12 change the Browser Mode to IE 9 and it is working

Amazes me how Google Chrome can work better on Microsoft's own products...
If it was not for SharePoint i would have never used this virus called Internet Explorer.

Seems there is 2 solutions:

First Solution:
Go to Tools, Compatibility View Settings.
Here you ccan choose "Display all Websites in Compatibility View" but then there might be some sites saying you must upgrade to a newer browser.
So add your SharePoint url to the list if you don't want all sites to be viewed in compatibility view.

There is a hotfix for this to but i have not tested it as yet.

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